Welcome to the Alter’hostel!

The Alter'hostel is an independent hotel / hostel, located in Lyon, in an exceptional setting, on the banks of the Saône. More than a hotel, more than just a place to stay, you will live an original travel experience. How? 'Or' What ? By using eco-friendly equipment, and if you feel like it, you can get involved in Lyon community life.
By staying at the Alter ’, you reduce your ecological footprint and you will contribute to the development of alternative tourism.
The Alter'Hostel offers dormitories for 6 to 16 people as well as a female dormitory. Common areas such as a kitchen, a living room with a mezzanine allow passengers, coming to discover this place, to meet and discuss in a friendly atmosphere.
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The Alter'Hostel and its team will support you and also advise you during your stay in Lyon (tips, tips, soft mode trips).Finally, a bar with craft beers welcomes you to relax, promote meetings and party with the Lyonnais.
The Alter’Hostel wishes to preserve human, social and environmental values. A real consultation exists in order to perpetuate this eco-responsible place, initiator of a different urban tourism.