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The Alter’hostel is an independent hostel, located in beautiful surroundings along the River Saone in Lyon. More than just a holiday venue, it is a unique travel experience. Staying at the Alter’hostel will reduce your ecological footprint and contribute to the development of alternative tourism. All the equipment at the hostel is ecological and you have the option to become part of the everyday life in Lyon.

The Alter’hostel offers dormitories for 6 to 16 people, including a female only dormitory. The communal areas include; the kitchen, lounge & bar with its selection of local beers. The whole area allows guests to discover this eco-location, meet new people in a relaxing atmosphere or even enjoy partying with the locals.

The Alter’hostel and its team are here to help, advise you in your travel in Lyon or anything else you might need during your stay.

The Alter’hostel looks to safeguard its social, human and environmental values. The company is a cooperative(SCOP), each employee has the opportunity to be a shareholder. All decisions are taken based on 1 vote : 1 employee. A real effort is being made in order to sustain this eco-location, the very first of its kind!